If your childhood memories are permeated by images of haunted houses, shrunken heads, dinner parties where guests become possessed by spirits and a disgusting grey ghost in a bold black and white suit with electrified hair, you were either a huge fan of the movie ‘Beetlejuice’ or had a very strange upbringing indeed! Whether you’ve always been inspired by the weird and wonderful antics depicted in the movie or are a more recent convert, you might be tempted to don Beetlejuice fancy dress for a forthcoming party - in which case we have some fantastic officially licensed outfits for you right here.

Costume Ideas

Most Beetlejuice fans want to dress up as the main man himself; Betelgeuse. The classic Beetlejuice costume includes an iconic black and white striped jacket, black and white striped trousers and a black tie which can be worn with a white shirt. Once you don this outfit you’ll already start to feel like making some ghostly mischief, but there are a few other essentials that are necessary in order to complete the ghoulish look. Firstly, you’ll definitely require a trademark ‘Beetlejuice’ wig which features a grey poly foam forehead and his famous voluminous shock of silver hair. However, you’ll also need a brilliant Beetlejuice make up kit which includes a tube of white cream make up which will provide the base of the character’s vicious visage, a black make up stick which will give your eyes and lips that ‘just dug up’ look and can also be smeared into the white make up to create the prerequisite deathly pallor and some tooth wax which will give your gnashers that look of graveyard chic! If you’d really like to add a final fearsome flourish to your costume, you could wear a pair of bold bloodshot contact lenses or alternatively, some scary black and white spiral costume contact lenses in order to appear even more manic and malevolent!


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