Celebrity Masks


In this celebrity-obsessed era, there’s nothing better than donning a celebrity face mask in order to emulate your favourite star of music, TV, or the movies. The other great aspect of these masks is that they can be worn either with regular clothes or with fancy dress outfits. For example, you can dress as a dashing prince and princess in fairytale Disney costumes wearing Prince William and Princess Catherine masks in order to attend a forthcoming fancy dress party as the ultimate Royal couple; or don an Ali G face mask to match an iconic Ali G costume featuring yellow shell-suit and ample toy gold jewellery for an added touch of bling! Alternatively, you could choose to dress as Del Boy and Rodney Trotter or if you’re making up a threesome, as Larry, Curly and Moe from The Three Stooges and you can be assured that some madcap mayhem will ensue! Meanwhile, ladies who love a bit of girl power might enjoy dressing in a Posh Spice halter neck black PVC jumpsuit with a Posh Spice face mask and make fellow partygoers do a double-take every time they pass. Of course, for couples who want to find the perfect celebrity face masks for an 80s themed party, you could choose Ronald Regan and Margaret Thatcher masks and grace the event with some superpower star quality.


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